Sadra Shahroodi , Navid Nasrollahzade


    Mohammad Poursalehi

The site for the project is free on all of its four sides, with greenery and a highway on three sides, meaning that the views to its surroundings, and vice versa, will be of importance. Considering the relationship between the spaces of movement and rest in traditional bazaars, and the aim of redefining this relationship in the context of the project, contrary to the usual generic nature of circulation spaces in office buildings, here they have become atypical and specific. The project is for office use, specializing in investment, and the client has prioritized achieving optimum area per user in order to maximize user performance.

The horizontal access routes of the floors vary in shape, width, and direction, and culminate in open areas with great views. Besides the interiors, this solution has also influenced the exterior of the building, where the “rationalist” grid of the structure frames the vaults of the corridor, which appear externally, the contrast between the two emphasizing the form of the vaults and vice versa.